What is affiliate marketing – A 2023 guide

Imagine waking up, and find yourself on a remote island, and check your bank account to see that you have earned hundreds of dollars while you where asleep. That can be the scenario if you do affiliate marketing the right way.

With affiliate marketing you have no customers, no returned goods, no restock. All you have to do is to promote other peoples products and get your share of the sale you create.

In other words – You create a channel that will allow you to reach consumers – It can be a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, a website, an app or TikTok account. There are multiple choices to choose from, even the most build a website and get it to rank for product related searchterms – This is what we will focus upon in this guide. In this this guide we will assume that you already have a website with some traffic.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a model where you guide traffic to another company and therefor earn a commission if the customer buys the product, or any other product on that webshop for that matter. The sale are usually confirmed and tracked by an affiliate network that acts like a man in the middle.

Affiliate marketing – How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a three way relationship, sometimes four as you have an affiliate network in the middle to act as a man in the middle.

  1. A customer that will buy a product
  2. A publisher or marketer that will create content about the product
  3. Sometimes an affiliate network that will act as a link between the publisher and the product owner
  4. Product owner

You have a website with – Lets say comparison of running shoes. You can then contact a website owner that sells running shoes and ask if you can become an affiliate with this shop, and earn a commission on each buying customer that you will provide to his store, or you can go to one of the affiliate networks, and look for affiliate programs that offers running shoes. If you make a deal through the affiliate network, there is a man in the middle that will verify all your earnings, traffic and will pay you for each sale you create.

So you set up your site to link to a webshop that you have become affiliate with. The link you use is calling either a tracker, cookie or some other form of tracking.

The customer will go to fx Google, and make a search for the product he is looking for. Lets say he is looking for a pair of running shoes.

He make a google search on the term “best running shoes 2023“.

The customer finds your website, and when he clicks one of your links, a tracking cookie will be set upon his device, so when he makes a sale on the webshop that you send him, you will earn a commission. Sweat and simple way to promote products of your choice without having to deal with costumers, stocks, postal service, customer service or any of the other things that comes with running a webshop.

So how do you start with affiliate marketing?

First of, you need to find affiliate programs that have products that you will promote.

AffiliateButler offers a useful tool to find affiliate programs, so you can