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NO – LEASY Viiga Lån – Lån opptil 40.000 kr. offers the following commission bases:

CPA 437.47000
Program description:

<li><b>Campaign information:</b> Loan up to 40.000 with a loan from Viiga <br>
<li><b>Payout/Valuta</b>: NOK </li><BR>
<b>Period:</b> Unlimited<br>
<b>Conversion point:</b> Per application.<br>
<b><u>Campaign USP's</b></u>
<li>With Viiga Loan you can borrow up to DKK 40.000 NOK at a fixed interest rate 8.40% and an repayment period of up to 60 months.. The following applies to Viiga Loans: <br>
• Lån opptil 40 000 kr.<br>
• Fast rente fra 8,40%<br>
• Fast månedlig ytelse<br>
• Valgfri nedbetaling på 12 – 60 mnd<br>
• Bruk pengene til hva du vil<br>
• Det kreves ikke sikkerhet for lånet<br>
• Få råderom i økonomien og frihet til å gjøre hva du vil<br>
<b><u>Genereal campaign information and restrictions:</b></u>
<b>1</b> All publishers must be whitelisted before they are allowed to expose LEASY.<br>
<b>2.</b> All e-mails must be approved before sending out – see more in "Approval of e-mails". Sent previews to:<br>
<b>3.</b> All e-mail publishers must send documentation for legal collection of permission, and should be approved before sending out.<br>
<b>4.</b> Always include correct loan example.<br>
<b>5.</b> It is not allowed to apply RKI related keywords in SEO/SEM.<br>
<b>6. IMPORTANT!</b> Non of the following e-mails may receive any material concerning LEASY: <a href=",NO,DK.xlsx">Download L'EASY Global blacklist</a><br>
<b>7.</b> Rejection of dublicates: Users who have applied for a loan within 30 days will be rejected as a <i>new customer</i>. <br>
<b>8. </b> Social media is not allowed, neither direct or indirect links from its advertisements. Neither is linking to own sites from social media where L'easy is exposed, allowed. See which channels are allowed under <b>"Channels.</b><br>
<b>Restrictions on content:</b><br>
<b>1.</b> The content must comply with the current legislation (ex. Marketing act, privacy act, e-commerce act and restrictions for price)<br>
<b>2.</b> Should be clear to the user that it is advertising.<br>
<b>3.</b> Must not promise more than LEASY can keep, such as: “get an answer within 3 hours”, “get the money today”, “loan money despite RKI”, "Don’t have to document your income”,” You can borrow despite RKI registration”m.m.)<br>
<b>4.</b> You must be clear about third part marketing.<br>
<b>5.</b> You cannot express that sender (third part) have a special agreement with L’EASY, such as: “We have agreed with L’EASY that you can get receive 15.000 DKK.<br>
<b>6.</b> Must not appear as if L’EASY has already made a reservation for the receiver: “We got 15.000 DKK with your name on it” or “L’EASY have 15.000 DKK for you – fill out your name here and get your money”.<br>
<b>7.</b> Don’t express that the receiver has been chosen for any L’EASY loan or products: “Congrats on your new loan” or “You have been chosen to receive 15.000 DKK”. <br>
<b>8.</b> Don’t express that there is an existing dialog between L’EASY and the receiver (ex. “Regarding your loan”, “LEASY has not heard back from you” etc.)<br>
<b>9.</b> Must not express any negative reason for buying LEASY products: “Affected by the crisis?” or “Was the vacation to expensive?”<br>
<b>10.</b> L’EASY must not be associated with any negativity in relation to Christmas. Phrasings such as “save the Christmas”, “loan for Christmas” and “get money for Christmas” is therefore not allowed.<br>
<b>11.</b> Newsletters must not communicate that L’EASY do not ask for what purpose the applicant needs the money. However, it is allowed to communicate that the applicant him/herself decides what the money should be used for.<br>
<b>12.</b> It is not permitted to suggest that you can obtain a very fast credit or borrow money without credit assessment<br>
<b>Approval of e-mails: </b><br>
<b>1.</b> It is no longer allowed to send out e-mails on any of L'EASYS campaigns without prior approval of the e-mail content (domain, sender name, subject line, body text, etc.).<br>
All e-mails must therefore be sent to and await approval/rejection from L'EASY. <br>
a) Unapproved sending’s on the L'EASY campaigns will immediately result in blacklisting from the L'EASY campaign in all countries.<br>
b) The approval of an email is valid for one year, thus applying the same text within this period, do not require a new approval unless the L'EASY Groups guidelines have been changed in the meantime.<br>
<b>2.</b> All publishers who generate direct traffic to the L'EASY Groups campaigns through e-mails must now be approved by L'EASY. Upon approval, names of all sender domains are sent to, after which we will forward and await approval / rejection from L'EASY. Only after the approval has been confirmed, are you allowed to send out e-mails for the L'EASY Group from the approved sender domains – and with the approved material.<br>
<b>3.</b> From today it is no longer allowed to use SMS, Push Ads or notifications on the mobile phone to promote the L'EASY brand. This applies as both a direct and indirect traffic-generating element. In other words, it is no longer allowed to use SMS, Push Ads or notifications on the mobile phone to link to comparison pages and websites that contains offers from the L'EASY Group.
When sending e-mail material to, it is preferred that the subject line contains the sender domain that will be applied, and moreover the e-mail content is either attached or directly displayed in the e-mail.<br>
<b>4.</b> It is no longer allowed to send out e-mails on any LEASY campaigns without prior approval of the permission: <br>
a) Image of, or link to the collection point where the consent has been/will be collected. <br>
b) A copy of the consent text itself (it should in any case appear in the picture or collection point).<br>
<b>5.</b> Note that it takes up to 5 working days to get your material approved.<br>
<b>Specifically regarding email marketing in Sweden:</b><br>
<b>1.</b> Any marketing of consumer credit must include the representative effective interest rate and the date of the creation of example in Sweden.<br>
<b>2.</b> If any marketing indicates any additional interest rates, a representative example with the following information’s must be included:<br>
a) The credit interest rate, to include whether it is fixed or variable<br>
b) Taxes or other mandatory expenses connected with taking out the credit<br>
c) The credit amount<br>
d) The agreement duration, including the size of monthly repayments<br>
e) The total sum to be repaid (credit sum and interest/costs)<br>
<b>4.</b> Comply the marketing with the law regarding “måttfullhet”. The marketing cannot be presented as a carefree solution to the consumer’s economic problems or be used to lure the consumer to make a precipitate decision to enter into an agreement about the credit. Avoid formulations such as “helt enkelt”, “låna till vad du drömmer om”, ”utrymme i ekonomin” etc. The marketing must be objective and balanced and contain a precise presentation of the credit. Avoid presenting a small monthly payment in connection to credit with a long payback time.<br>
<b>5.</b> The marketing cannot be insistent. It will be an overall evaluation but an element in the evaluation is the frequency of released mails to the consumer. <br>
<b>6</b> Newsletters/texts must not include a negative motivation for purchasing L’EASY products. For example: “Do you have nightmares about your economy?”, “Are you sweating when you think about your economy and all the things you cannot afford?” etc.<br>
<b>7.</b> “Upp till” must be written before the amount of money. For example “Låna upp till 100 000”. <br>
<b>8.</b> If it is communicated that the consumer can pay the loan whenever the person concerned wants to, it needs to be clear that it can happen without fees. For example is it allowed to communicate: “Lös lånet när du vill – utan avgifter”.<br>
<b>9.</b> Newsletters/texts must not suggest that there is already an on-going dialogue between L’EASY and the recipients of mail/texts. This is especially important in Sweden as focus is on fraud. Read more about this in the general e-mail guidelines on page 7.