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<p><strong>OM KAMPAGNEN:</strong></p><p><span style="background-color: rgba(245, 177, 177, 0);">Welcome to Clarins!</span><br/></p><p><br/>Clarins is a family owned company who are a World Leader in cosmetics, skin care and makeup. The innovative approach has always been one of the characteristics since the start in the 50’s when developing and manufacturing products for skin care, perfume, hair care and make-up. Our brands are distributed in over 150 countries.<br/><br/>Clarins will always choose a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. This is the golden rule that all Clarins researchers follow when designing our innovative products. Clarins uses 208 natural plant extracts in its formulas.<br/><br/>Clarins has built their business based on integrity and trust incorporating high ethical trading standards.<br/><br/></p><p><strong>VALIDERING:</strong><br/>Der er validering af ordre i slutningen af måneden og returnerede/annullerede ordre kan blive slettet. Ved normal trafik forventes ingen sletninger. <span style="background-color: rgba(245, 177, 177, 0);">Cookietid: 30 dage.</span></p><p><br/><strong>CAMPAIGN RULES:</strong></p><p>Google Ads: Restricted<br/>Brand name as keywords: no<br/>Brand name in ad text: no<br/>Brand name in display URL: no<br/>Google CSS/Shopping: No<br/>Social media: Yes<br/>Coupon Sites: No<br/>E-mail marketing: Yes, Client Approved Emails.</p><p><span style="background-color: rgba(245, 177, 177, 0);"><br/></span></p><p><span style="background-color: rgba(245, 177, 177, 0);">We don’t allow partners, websites and influencers who;</span></p><ul><li>Violations of LGBTQ people</li><li>Incitement against ethnic group / xenophobia or sexist statements</li><li>Illegal depictions of violence or pornography</li><li>Calls, invite or inspire for a crime or constitute another criminal operation</li></ul><p>RULES FOR PARTNERS, AFFILIATES & INFLUENCERS<br/>It is important that you follow Clarins and Adservice rules for advertising and cooperation.<br/>Any abuse can lead to paused cooperation and withdrawn payments. The terms that you agree on when you are accepted to cooperate with Clarins are the following (beside the terms from Adservice);<br/></p><p><br/></p><p>ADVERTISING MATERIAL<br/>Banners and graphics in this program are the one you should use if you want to use graphics on your website. You are not allowed to edit, redesign or change the banners and graphics in this program, they must be used as they are in this program. You are not allowed to put any logotype in any of the banners and graphics in this program. You are allowed to take your own pictures and use it on your website and in social media but not in combination with the Clarins logotype. It must be clear that you are the brand behind your picture.<br/><br/>CASHBACK, REWARD & DISCOUNT<br/>Affiliates who are running a cashback, reward website/concept, discount website/concept or similar are not allowed to advertise for Clarins. <br/><br/>EMAIL MARKETING<br/>Affiliates with newsletters are welcome to for approval to market Clarins in newsletters or emails.<br/><br/>BRAND STRATEGY<br/>Clarins are very careful about their customers, brand values and how Clarins is used in communications and marketing. If Clarins believes that your content, as publisher partner, isn't in line with Clarins strategies and values your application might be denied or our cooperation can also be ended.<br/><br/>All marketing in social media needs to be clearly marked as ads. For example, if you are publishing a blog post with links to one of our advertisers, you need to write at the top of the post that it is an ad, for example: "This post is an advertisement for Clarins and contains ad links.". If you are unsure whether your mark is ok then contact<br/><br/>Paid direct linking<br/>It's not allowed to send paid traffic directly to the advertiser.<br/><br/>Brand name as keywords<br/>It's not allowed to buy keywords of the brand name (brand names including product names) or variants (including misspellings) of it to drive traffic to the advertiser. Branding-words should also be added as negative keywords.<br/><br/>Brand name in ad text<br/>It's not allowed to have the brand name (s) in the text and graphics; neither heading or in the text of the ad.<br/><br/>Brand name in display URL<br/>It's not allowed to have the brand name (s) in the display URL for the ad.</p>